Hesco Interior Design (HID) began as a sister company to Hesco, an international design and engineering firm founded in 1976. We are a multi-faceted global Design Studio specialising in high-end Interior Design Projects. Our practise, guided by a wealth of expertise in-house, has worked on interior projects in Europe and the Middle East. Over the past 35 years, we have constantly expanded our knowledge and renewed our creativity in order to offer a unique project to each one of our clients. Striving to provide a bespoke service to every project, our dedicated teams in London, Madrid & the Middle East use a considered and detail-focused approach to ensure that we meet our client’s highest expectations. We have earned a reputation for honesty and integrity which provide our clients with confidence in our ability to deliver exceptional personal service. This committed approach has enabled us to build long-term relationships with not only our clients, but with the international manufacturers we collaborate closely with to create bespoke carpets, furniture, lighting and accessories. We do not have a house style, because we believe that exquisitely crafted interiors can only be achieved when they are made bespoke to those who have inspired them. We deliver Interior Design, procurement and installation solutions for Residential, Commercial and Hospitality projects.